The Dollar Compre$ors – 2 temas (EP}

Artist: The Dollar Compre$ors
Title: 2 temas (EP}
Keywords: experimental, post-punk, post-rock, Mendoza
Label: Adaptator

The Dollar Compre$ors will bring the sun with them wherever they play or perform. So if you had been wandering where the sun had gone; look no further! But don’t worry as the Dollar Compre&ors are kind enough to give it back to all who listens to them. They let it out of their basket as they play their instruments like seasoned friendly musicians with warmth, charm and rawness in their sound. Armed with their sound they easily let the sun dance for you like a fakir does with a dancing snake.

Now you know that you aren’t dealing with a ‘normal’ band as when they put the sun back in the basket they will give you (and the world) the final darkness. You would probably beg for them to release the sun again but with devilish joy in their eyes they add a big fat lock on the basket. It’s like they first let you experience great joy by bringing back the sun in front of your very own ears & then they sadistically take it away for as long that they want too. .


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