Kurgan Hors – Palus est

Artist: Kurgan Hors
Title: Palus est
Keywords: orchestral, cinematic, modern classical, soundtrack
Label: Silent Flow

With a nice vibrating tone the music starts, its named ‘L’acqua che adulava i giunchi’ and quickly transforms by adding semi classical arrangements over the hanging vibrating tone. It’s like a dance of graceful swans clearly attracted to the tone and showing their love by dancing around in a glorious and respectful way. With flutes and strings the fairytale happening plays out, setting a atmosphere that is sentimental and pretty.

After that more of this prettiness reveals itself. This time it’s a wonder of a music piece named ‘Uomini e angeli su otto purosangue’. It’s melodic with nice touches that are hiding within the music. It’s something that feels cinematic, a theme track for an emperor who didn’t make up its mind if he will be in a good mood or not. Will it be thumbs up or thumbs down for the accidental peasant disturbing the emperors midday’s beauty sleep?

The next composition named Lo spirito di Caterina de Duxaimis starts quite similar as the very first one, with one fatal difference; the vibrating tone is much, much lower. The swans have been replaced with strange sounds that feel like an abandoned old swing that moves by the wind. Halfway the music changes completely, going for a brighter effect, something that has a nice volume and response to the heart like an reanimated life-form that stands up slowly, ready to spread its glorious wings and fly.

The music keeps itself mid-air within the work named Incolto. Warm tones, sweet flavors and lucid glows are colliding together in a soothing harmony. It’s also something you would expect to come across at an avant-garde cinematic onscreen event; I imagine something with a Sunday church, children running in the sun and a surreal lighting…

The last composition is ‘Via Imperialis’ and reminds of a certain playful spirit running around in a church, escaping through a back window pane to visit the ducks in the park to feed them bread and fruits. The music is innocent sounding, yet religious with it’s heavenly organ sound and strings; it feels as if it will bring out the best of people. Will it bring out the best of you?



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