The Bordellos – How To Lose Friends And Influence No – One

Artist: The Bordellos
Title: How To Lose Friends And Influence No – One
Format: CD / digital
Keywords: alternative, folk, indie, rock, outsider,
Label: Small Bear Records

The Bordellos are a band that gently & gladly pisses against the stream, aka the establishment and mostly against what’s left of the so called music industry. It’s tough to aim their stream of urine and with enough unwillingness of the targets that they are trying pissing on, most of it will blow straight back into their own faces. But knowing the Bordellos, it will just make them tougher, inspire them to drink a bit more just to make their flow of liquid gold a notch harder and fuller in order to reach the ones they hate to love and love to hate.

It’s one of those relationships that makes me wonder.. what if their targets of urine would be accepting of their arts, what if they do get the airplay that they worked so hard for? Would it be the end of them? Would it kill them when there is nothing left to rebel on? Will they make songs of praise? In a way I wish that the day of such acceptance would never come, but that there would be some kind of middle ground…

Some rebel intruder who would spin their tracks to give fellow programmers and deejays a headache, some brave ghost writer who would infiltrate the established boring music blogs to write about them instead of copy pasting another band’s bio in exchange for a goody bag full of chocolate bars… Gary Glitter returning back from Hell to enter a time machine to stop himself from all the bad things he had done so to remove himself from the newest The Bordellos album? Ex prime minister Cameron also in the time machine in order to stop himself from putting his English sausage into a pig’s mouth?

I seriously hope that there will be always something for The Bordellos to passionately urinate over as that is what they are very good at, perhaps one day their enemies turn into accepting urinals & accept their music with open arms, ears and mouths! If you wish that day would come, it will be nice to show some sign of appreciation, get one of these albums, play it to appreciators and non-appreciators (losing some friends in the process) and hopefully stimulate & support this band to keep on pissing!


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