Waxlimbs – The New Dirt

Artist: Waxlimbs
Title: the new dirt
Keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic, electronics, glitch, noise, rock,singer songwriter, Toronto

Like a burning forest the first track has the strangest kind of beauty to it. I mean everyone with a heart and some senses should love the forest, but the view of a fire burning everything down to ashes is not an unspectacular phenomenon to stare at. Waxlimbs brings this phenomenon in a song and music form; let’s put some marshmallows on a stick and poke them into the fire.

Waxlimbs also hits a sensitive subject to the collection ‘being afraid of dying alone’. It’s funny especially with the promised upcoming apocalypse after exchange of puppet masters in the US. The song writer clearly isn’t afraid of death, probably hasn’t have a problem with it; grabbing death’s hands for a dance and inspiration; but yet it’s the dying alone part that makes a person restless. Maybe that’s why the popularity of these dangerous dating apps in which you can swipe right to go on a possible date with a psychopath.

The next track goes back to the blackness of the ashes; coals. This is a surprising wordless musical piece in which lots of aaahaahaahaas are sung by seemingly distressed under the shower choirs. The music suggest that we are all losing our minds, going a little loopy in paranoia; yet manages to cope with our mental disabilities and pain… after all the relieve of death will come and knock on the bathroom soon. It has a comfortable end in which we can feel like a toddler again with no worries whatsoever… pretty neat!

The New Dirt ft. Isabella Davis is giving the concept of death a nice Björkish touch, not with the singing which is like a fairytale pretty much like only Isabella Davis could do, but the music has this vibe of ‘I miss you’ moving into an ‘army of me’ attitude. Maybe I just made it up, and can’t be taken seriously, but it felt nice to drop a name and some title tracks. Forget about it; this song is fairly interesting going from nice to something steamy.

The song ‘Parade’ takes a serious note, with the singer hitting the sentimental tones while singing about a parade of death, the lost of someone probably paraded gracefully in a casket. You can hear the music move with every step they make, it sounds respectful and teary-eyed… even though as a listener I’m not sure whose dead it is, you want to take of your hat and salute the fallen with grace.

The song Ikala has a feel that translates to the happiness that someone is still (after all the things that had happened) here. Like you dear reader, if you managed to be still reading this review, I would be very happy to recommend to play this track as it fits this moment perfectly. Trust me when you do this, you can imagine me singing ‘you’re still here’ at my Sunday’s best. And even if you can’t because of a lack of imagination or simply no will to do so; you can still hear a lovely piece of music over here!

While At The Window… I got to be honest with you, there is a music video with this song that made me do a write up for this album. But as you might notice, I’m terrible at it when things are good… so please forgive my unintelligent ramblings. But please do watch and hear this music video as it channels exactly that feeling that the song reflects. Also it reminds me of sitting at the window for a habit of tea drinking and sweets with a loved one… who probably isn’t here in this video, but that’s the whole point; it’s like a memory of someone dear, that smells of the good old times of having tea and cakes with someone who had probably passed on to another life.

Can’t you just smell the tea and sweets?

Noise Wood is a track that feels pretty wonderful, like stepping stones into a angelic place among green trees, moss, and jolly good looking magic mushrooms. It’s the melody to hold hands and jump over the gate towards a more earthly variation of heaven. Old leaves’ fits this forest environment perfectly; giving Waxlimbs the perfect location to hide between the woods, the trees, bushes and sing his heart out.
With a devotional and slightly confused touch the release offers the conceptual Foreword all the way at the final end. It will engrave the feeling of death once more on our souls as we say goodbye… or perhaps (if you click the following link) a ‘welcome’:


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