Isidor Bobinec – Dark Knight Genesis

Artist: Isidor Bobinec
Title: Dark Knight Genesis
Keywords: 80s, electronic, synthwave, darksynth, eighties, retro,
reviewer: Marty McFly

Isidor Bobinec’s album is transporting us back in time; the eighties. Mullets and aerobics might have ruled life over there, but on the alternative music front it is most definitely the thick baselines to sit on and ride like a motorbike. This collection of tracks has plenty of them, all nicely stabbing through big electronic beats and synthesizer materials; nothing could stop these baselines and compared to a motorcycle it’s fair to say that even a road full of spikes will not be able to stop them.

As we ride in our leather over coats on top of these baselines like fierce bikers on the highway to hell, we sure have fun teaming and pairing up with other tough people taking this journey. We collectively ride like hells angels while bumping our heads as the synthesizers fuel up our gas tanks. There might be even time for romance on our tough trip, but the pounding beat will always keep us from getting too woozy or being too sentimental. Just kiss while stomping our fists in the air like cyber punks on a mission.

There is no time or place for joking around, we got to keep on riding steady. The eighties landscape could use some variety, otherwise we might fall of from our spiked up motorcycles; but nobody in the team will speak about it of course as we are men and women made out of steel, tough riders that will bite their lips, watch the neon lights pass by and are simply to cool to go to school.

Some of us might hold up a picture of Enya as our savior, others have her portrait tattooed on their arm; thats how we are; tough and cool, but never afraid to show that we care. We got to keep on driving, keep on holding onto these synthetic waves, those baselines and thick bold beats & no matter what happens; never show our feelings and always keep moving on. The eighties landscape is our road and it’s alternative dance music is our king!

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