Stephanie Merchak – Der Spott

Artist: Stephanie Merchak
Title: Der Spott
Keywords: none
Label: Merchak

Rats that have been chewing on the electronic cords and devices, nibbling through them while making exciting noises as they try to explain their tailed friends which electric wire is the one that is the most delicious. They for sure seem to have a huge feast among themselves, resulting in a noise fest for us everyday listeners to sit close by and wonder; shall we call the exterminator? Or shall we get a tape recorder and record the activities for a future release?

This is where things get funny, as here we realize that these aren’t actual rats eating our electronic devices, this is indeed already a recorded happening in the shape of a free downloadable release. What does this mean for us? A sign of relieve at first as no damage is done & no rat shit needs to be cleaned. But also perhaps a sign of disappointment as damn; wouldn’t it have been great if we had managed to capture this phenomenon and release the noises ourself? Kudos to the artist who had to deal with all this and releasing it for us wannabes, sobbing in our rat-less homes.


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