BTBB – Liquid Shores

Artist: BTBB
Title: Liquid Shores
Keywords: electronic, synth pop, house, pop, new wave, electro, alternative

BTBB are France’s finest band with the magical ability to make the most grumpiest person in the world crack up for a smile. I don’t know what it is; the sincere sounding lyrical lyrics? or maybe the fun sounding accent? Perhaps a combination of both? But whatever their magical ingredient is, it for sure made my evening! 

It was already settled straight away with the first song named ‘beautiful girl’; the electronic music is up, poppy and playful but it’s the special sung words that made me fall in love with it. I might not be the fortunate beautiful girl that they dedicated the song after, but oh boy it for sure made me feel like one. Including red cheeks from being embarrassingly charmed by it all. But if you are potentially the beautiful girl that they made this song for, you should be proud and happy as it’s a ‘happy-maker’. Also don’t be freaked out, as the lyrics clearly want to say that BTBB isn’t out there to put you in a cage… what a relief! 

Tears and rivers’ is also audio medicine against grumpiness; try to keep your frown posterized with this playing: impossible. The music is fresh and moving in a power pop way, lifting up the mood making the lyrics stand strong like a looney house. The song has a great breakdown and come back with nice bass and claps, really making the singing ‘tears and rivers’ hook go in smoothly and with a nice uplifting amount of positive energy. 

Another quirky tune is ‘Midnight Lake’ which seems to be about going for a skinny dip inside the midnight lake with some dripping raindrops filling it up. The melody is fairly pop, to the point, happy and friendly. The sung words are nice too; sometimes a bit off but that is part of the charm, making it more realistic and human; also it makes you love the sound of BTBB more! Bubbling and sparkling on the wet rainy hills with a lake in the middle is quite what this track’s vibe is portraying & it feels like fun! 

The last liquid coverage on this lovely original release is ‘summer rains’ it fits my personal happenings… I love the rain especially in the summer; it’s always exciting when the rain arrives, perfect to go out and dance in the raindrops & now with this tune available; next time it will be a pure celebration. The music has done very nice lush synthesizer melodic materials, the good vibes is what this is all about; it’s the final tune and feels like the moment that balloons fall down and confetti pops just for a grandiose grand finale! It’s an EP that will probably turn a smile upon the face, growing stronger from track to track & its process is Lots of fun along the way! Thumbs up!


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