El Prêtro Maniaco – As Impie As Can Be

Artist: El Prêtro Maniaco
title: As Impie As Can Be
keywords: ambient dark ambient Bordeaux

Like dusty old corners being blown through by a smell of death, a gigantic long burp will go down the hallways of a dark cave-like surrounding; satanic dwarfs will pop out from under a rock to check out what the stench is all about. More long monstrous burbs will pass through the grotto, a cry for help and a giggle of an insane spirit clearly enjoying the odor also awakens. A French witch calls for the owner of the devilish burb and gets the burping monster to burp and talk at the same time.

It sounds as if she is out there in this cave for a mission to stop the stench, to exterminate the bad breath of the demon; however even if the woman sounds powerful with words, the fight is not as easy as it may seem. And considering the final tones of the first track it seems that the burping demon has the winning hand; probably successfully gassing the whole cave with its inner gasses.

After this fight against bad breathes, the release goes deeper into the darkness; believe me or not; it’s one of the best places to hang out. There is warmth, a safe feeling among mysterious spirits that successfully feed us pulsating pulses of sound that feel deep and pleasant. Headphones are a must as the sound shifts from one side to another in a way that it makes a listener impressed and disorientated at the same time; as if a pleasant ghost had spread its wings and keeps on flying above our heads for protection.

Crepundium Angustia Spatium has two sides of the story; at the very beginning we are teased by a bewitched child-room with little sparkles and a strange backdrop atmosphere. Even the fact that there are voices lurking around, they seem to be of a kind that is more warning then terrifying. Halfway the track pulls open the sinister depth, deeper tones that feel like we are entering the torture zone of Hell. Here we hear a female in distress on repeat, making the hairs on our body stand up straight and our eyes twirl around in paranormal paranoia.

The final sound adventure seems to be about revisiting the first track minus the creature with the long and deep burps; now the once dark cave-like environment is much more beautiful, free from poisonous inner gasses and horrible smells. It also comes across as if the darkness had faded and we can now successfully see the walls and admire the cave’s impressive looks. It’s like a happy ending, really…

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