Jimmy the Spoon

Artist: Jimmy The Spoon
Keywords: jazz, big band, acoustic
Label: jazzaria https://jazzaria.com/
reviewer: Jazzy Jeff

Stop whatever you had been doing, settle your derrière down in the nearest comfy pillow, put the legs in relax mood, take a deep amount of oxygen and blow out some air from the lungs (mind you; not at the same time) cause it’s time for a jazz intermezzo.

Jazz intermezzo? Well, yes… according to international law and common sense we should do this once in a while for our own sensibilities and health. If this doesn’t sound appealing, maybe it gets more attention when you know that this Jazz intermezzo by a certain Jimmy The Spoon is free.

It’s one of those intermezzos that you should officially take but never do. Like truck drivers who have to officially chill out after so many hours on the road, yet they say ‘screw that’ and just keep on trucking… but no, let’s park ourself in the nearest comfortable comfort zone and go for that free jazz intermezzo. After all (spoken in orange presidential talk) what do you got to loose?

It won’t be long, in fact it’s fairly short, but like a well deserved cold beer after a long day working in a coal mine (as you do..) it’s a well deserved thing to go for. Just a nice swinging brassy band with a contagious solo clarinet bringing that free jazz intermezzo to you at the following link:

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