Elena – Immortal

Artist: Elena
Title: Immortal
Keywords: experimental, dark ambient , bro classical, vocals, voice, soundscape
Label: Petroglyph https://petroglyphmusic.com/
artist website: https://petroglyphelena.wordpress.com/

Behind walls that needs to be broken down by hand, at the end of a field full of sharp rose thorns that needs to be chopped down with a sharp sword, there must be a fairytale person of pure royalty waiting for us. There must be, otherwise why going through the hassle?

The music named ‘Immortal’ by Elena really fits this kind of story, the prospect of a prince or princess working hard to save a locked up entrapped prince or princess (whatever you fancy…) at the end of the mission. It’s a bit like sleeping beauty, yet a different story and definitely with other cast members involved. Perhaps the one who is waiting to be saved is cursed with immortality, waiting forever until the right person comes to kick in the door and go for a happy ‘and they lived happily ever after’ moment.

The music has the strings of decadence, the atmosphere of gothic architecture and that vibe of a romantic fairytale with hopes of a happy ending. The words sung by Elena are already mysterious on their own, leaving enough to the listener’s imagination to come up with a landscape, perhaps the visualization of a imaginary castle for entrapment and saving purposes & perhaps some mysterious romance on the side. It’s just one song but it clearly speaks to the imagination. Before I turn into a pumpkin I’ll drop you the link;


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