il Russo – 2

Artist: Il Russo
Title: 2
Keywords: electronic, IDM, clicks, ambient, psychedelic, abstract
Label: MAV

The success of Il Russo’s 1 is now followed up with its successor named (surprise, surprise) ‘2’. When I played this in the garden lots of birds started to come over and added their bird-sounds; they must like what they are hearing too. It’s like Christmas all over again and in fact the music has a bit of that vibe too; modern angels coming together rushing down on their speedy rockets to pick you up and catapult your ears into the big great sky.

It’s a nice view to hear when peeking through our thrown ears. A smooth landscape of fluffy clouds, nice calm sounds gently down the stream of healthy air. The music has a nice weight to it, not too light and not too heavy; like a big pink cloud just holding up, marching among the slower clouds with its headless-head held high….

….and when a slide opening of blue appears the cloud swiftly cracks open, returning the ears to its normal properties gravity-wise. We drop down, we fall, we go down with the fun speed of a fun fair attraction, like particles ready to be vaporized while happily crashing down on the earth’s surface. It’s an exciting moment, I’ll tell you!

At the end there will be no kaboom and neither blood splatter, but just the sound of peace: A twinkling piano bit that gives everyone a cuddle and does this in such a way that repeated play (equals repeated cuddles!) will be the action for a clicking trigger happy finger to go and click for. So if you are reading this and aren’t just a pair of lost ears without a face or body, feel free to click the link below:


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