Elk – Iceberg – In The Attic (Live Studio Session)

Artist: Elk
Title: Iceberg – In The Attic (Live Studio Session)
Keywords: alternative, video, rock, pop,

Elk is preparing us all for a brand new upcoming release by making our ears and eyes drool with an excellent teaser in the shape of a music video. This isn’t your average music video, this is actually the band playing their new song ‘Iceberg – In The Attic’ live in their attic studio. It’s pretty cool as you can actually hear how they sound and see them play it at the same time. However it must be said that the studio is rather dark, it’s quite a miracle that nobody had fallen over the electric cables that are all over the floor; or perhaps that’s why the three out of the four members of Elk do not seem to move from their position. A dark studio can be fatal for the health when falling over a unseen cable and breaking a neck…

But this isn’t an episode of funniest home videos, this is an music video of the band in action. Besides there are important atmospheric lights available too. They (next to the singer) are pretty much stealing the show.


lamp 1

Two lamps that shine to create light in the darkness so we still can peek and distinguish the drummer in there playing so nicely.


the lamp and the drummer

The whole music session is executed in a neat and nice way, even if you cannot really see it (from the datkness) but these band members are deeply into their own tune.



The singer is better provided with light in this session, clearly because next to the two lamps he also pretty much steals the show. He is like the other musicians very much into the music, giving his vocals the best session and dedication which you can clearly hear in the results. But it’s him responding to the music on the spot that makes us all glad that the studio wasn’t completely dark when they recorded this live session…
…what a movements this talented singer has, he is like a human music visualizer, completely being one with his whole body into the sound, song, rhythm and all round music. The shapes and movements, the impossibility to not move, the expressions… it’s like modern dance that someone needs to write down for a whole group of modern ballet players to perform on a large scale. It’s the performance that makes you want to stick your head against the screen and observe it all like some kind of music loving maniac!

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