Various Artists – Seippelabel Vol. 6

Artist: Various
title: Seippelabel Vol. 6
keywords: electronic experimental bass drone Beijing
label: Seippelabel

GOOOOOSE gooses around with a nice stable beat that has the possibility to make a person feel like they are a sportive character with the ability to fly. Around it flows the sound of synthesizers in and out, making me think of flashy sport costumes with bright colors and shiny fabrics. Legs can’t sit still; they vibrate nervously even if you are a non-sporter… Want to go for a run?

The next track on this compilation hailing from China is made by Nocturnes. It is the opposite of sportive; more laid back, a pit stop that can take forever: including foot massage, inhale of some healing health tea and perhaps a Jacuzzi bath while we wait. The track is very laidback, with sleepy hazy singing vocals, a warm piano, tight snares and kick and a guitar melody that seems to bring the vibe of the rainy days: Hearing this we won’t want to go anywhere…

Zèbre Rouge brings the perfect follow up track on this compilation, bringing the dub vibes for ultimate relaxation and music intoxication. The beat is smooth, the mood is romantic and warm; total ease can be felt in the bones, body and mind as this plays and takes us on a well deserved self-care journey. It doesn’t only relax, it also injects new born energy with a more nasty melody of perfection; it can’t get any better than this…

Uraniborg is the shining experimental middle part of this compilation, clearly going for a progression of a work that slowly slips from nothing into something. With a hanging warm tone as the base of the cake, others more acoustic will follow; layers of guitar and electronic loops build up on top for a full amount of psychedelic trickery.

The whole compilation is an example of fine progression and build-up: To end it with the drone ambient work by Soul Glimpse is the perfect choice & will basically make the transition from sportive energy action into a sleeping move-less listener that just wants to lay down on the floor like a fish on dryland pretty much complete.

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