Agnes Hvizdalek – Casa das Caldeiras

Artist: Agnes Hvizdalek
Title: Casa das Caldeiras
Keywords: vocal, experimental, spoken word, vocalist, sound art
Label: Al revés

Agnes Hvizdalek is an Austrian vocal artist who has been based in Oslo since 2008. She works in a variety of settings in the fields of contemporary music as well as noise, jazz and visual arts, through which she explores the voice and expresses its sonic possibilities beyond the limits of the yet known.

Casa das Caldeiras by Agnes Hvizdalek is a solo piece for voice that is called after the ancient factory in the heart of São Paulo, where the recording was made. At the bottom of one of it’s 60 meter high chimneys, she combines her explorations of the human voice with the acoustics of the building and the city sounds.

The official description above forgot to mention how awesome it is, so let me help you out; it’s awesome! Forget the whole building and location for the acoustics and inspiration but just focus on the magnificent sounds that Agnes Hvizdalek creates with just her voice! It’s out of this world to hear almost one hour of vocal maneuvers and experimentations of this order. Of course there are many vocalists out there but Agnes Hvizdalek seem to have something very special going on, her voice is like an instrument that can mold itself into animal sounds just as easy as into things that you would presume to come from a fairly tweaked synthesizer. But also ancient sounding throat singing isn’t a thing beyond this talented artist her control.

What makes her stand out is the sheer originality of her vocal expressions, it’s if she is a inventor with her voice as the main ingredient to invent new sounds. Which is ‘if you as a voice owner deeply think about it’ pretty much not something easy to do, it takes will, innovation and lots of imagination to create the sounds that this artist showcases here within this release. The thrilling clicking sounds that made me think of electronic machines and tropical insects calling from the trees blended as one… the purring sounds that made me think of a mixture of a happy purring cat and a call from a exciting pigeon… it’s intriguing, stimulating, entertaining and pretty much impressive… prrrrrrrrr!


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