Echo A Mano – Sventojo Kalno

Artist: Echo A Mano
Title: Sventojo Kalno
Keywords: abstract, IDM, leftfield
Label: Genetic Trance

If you are looking for a fun underground electronic music release; check this one out! The name might be unknown but the label release secretly reveals that it’s Gert 3000 (from the legendary 20kbos netlabel) who is behind it, a producer with years of on scene hands on experience; and it shows! The first track goes for a nice wooden beat with a electronic rhythmic fun inducer as it’s closest friend & spacious space sounds for the right hypnotic touch! An instant winner!

I will not even attempt to write down the track titles as 100 % sure I would make mistakes, so I just say ‘track 2’ when discussing the second track. This track 2 is the tune that will please everyone who had an unfulfilled hunger for the good old days of pure experimental techno. The best pounding beat is provided as a nice stabilizer, while the music is like little space particles lifting up in the air, circling around above ground and enjoying weightless proportions. Also the electronic cowbell look-a-like will be a well received guest within the ears of a electronic underground techno fanatic.

The third track keeps the beat kicking and the state of hypnosis blooming like a futuristic flower. The music gets a nice watery bubbly bobbly layer that makes the uprising sounds into something that feel like they are flowing up from either an arcade machine or boiling liquids in a collection of test tubes. It has an nice alien feeling that strangely will feel like a home if you are into this kind of music. A home in which you can dance without being subjected to prejudice of others.

The next track (I have lost count…) is even more fun! The watery sounds are now funnily parading around while the higher alienating strangeness are now coming across as if they drink and slurp the liquids through time holes in their teeth. It has this nice slushy feeling that with its repetition and never failing beat turns into a happy spectacle.

The follow up one is going for a similar effect but the slurping space sound is more speedy, making the beat feel more uptempo & the all-round sound determent to step us all into the nearby lunatic asylum! Hip hip hooray!

Once arrived in the next track, it feels as if the music is now indeed served to our ears while being in a special room with walls, floors and even the ceiling made out of soft dampening pillow-like materials. Our arms are clearly nicely tucked away in a straight jacket to stop us from self harming by dancing too much… the music keeps on pumping, even though the festive slurping sounds are more muffled: nothing can stop underground techno!


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