Various Artists – The Acid Team

Artists: Various
Title: The Acid Team
Keyword: low-bit, lobit, Acid, techno, lo-fi
Label: Microbit records

If you have a problem, why not hire the Acid Team? They will kick your problems so hard that they simply would walk away, or perhaps jump out of the window. (Thinking that they can fly!) Or perhaps if your problems are harder to be influenced, the Acid Team might just hang out with you, spike your drink with hard beats & wobbles and make those problems go away -by making your brain full of acidic punches made out of toxic hallucinations!

You don’t like flying? Afraid of heights? No problem, the Acid Team will get you so high -you won’t even need a helicopter! Financial problems? Don’t worry the Acid Team is freely available for the right cause! No Pennies needed!

When you’ve got them, The Acid Team simply pops up with its acid laced beats and punches of bubbles, rawly lowered into a lobit rate for extra fuzz & cuckoo action! They kick and they stumble, they shoot their sound to your enemies and nobody ever dies! That’s why you should hire the Acid Team for free! Efficient, good looking, to the point…

But they are on the run from the law, outlaws and difficult to find you say? … totally true! But don’t you worry, I have tracked them down from the past, collected each member and lined them all up behind the following secretive link! Check out the Acid Team:


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One Response to Various Artists – The Acid Team

  1. linda says:

    Acid team saves the day!

    I need moarrrrrr! help help help me!

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