Chorles Monson – Acid is Good

Artist: Chorles Monson
Title: Acid is Good
Keywords: lobit, Acid, techno
Label: Top Of The Flops
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Linda (our dearest head of comment) was in begging need for more help of the members of the Acid Team. Of course the team of acidic outlaws had scrambled to avoid jail time, but thanks to quality search engines I’ve tracked one of the main members down from it’s hiding place. Chorles Monson is his name, and he on its own is the one who can ‘make the planet great again’. First you have to help him escape as he (and his sounds) had been locked up behind a link, something he lovingly calls ‘a big iron door’.

Seated there for many years, tucked away from reality and normal day society he had expanded his mind to travel behind his jail; a trick that he can teach you by helping to get his Acid waves out and about… He would be happy to be left free within your ears, but would he the happiest when reaching the ears of this Linda. He simply had heard she needed his help, wants to help, but society had locked him and his sounds away. Only you can unleash this main character of the Acid Team… by unlocking the content behind the following link:

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3 Responses to Chorles Monson – Acid is Good

  1. linda says:

    It for sure saved my day! Not so sure about the greatness of the planet (plenty of mad madness walking around already… who sold the rights of that cirque. Is a reality show on the president the next logical step?). I’m losing track. It’s about the a-team saviour and boi it’s trippy!!

    Glad to test of it on ‘tomorrow’ too 😉 😀

    • linda :D says:

      Yissss mothafuckin’ acid tabs! Lunaticks save the world like spacey spacy funky dunky pief paf, they see me rollin’ they hatin’ yo, on repeat continue and gogogogo!

      😯 8) 🙄 😈 :mrgreen: ❤ ❤

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