Various Artists – Surface Noise Vol . 3

Artists:Various Artists
Title: Surface Noise Vol . 3
Keywords: abstract, drone, electronic, noise, industrial, experimental, Australia
Label: Shame File Music

Joe Musgrove is one of those names that fit a face decorated with a grand mustache, but it’s not about the artist’s potential looks; this is all about the music. The music of Joe Musgrove on this large split of experimental drone release is made live at Really Bad Music 2014. Never heard of this festival, venue, artist’s grotto before but I would lie if the name ‘Really Bad Music’ doesn’t trigger my attention. This must be good!

I did enjoy this recorded session, solidly relaxed in the morning sun with a freshly instant cup of coffee. You can do that too if you’d like & if there is a morning sun and instant coffee available from wherever you are… I recommend it; it’s a good combination.

The music does the right trick, delivering warm humming underlying drone atmospheres with so called field recordings. You can hear cars passing by in a steady way, but also a person coughing up slime. It comes across as if the artist had setup the session next to a busy road with a table for breakfast… somewhere near an airport? I can hear them flying in the backdrop. But also some kind of other transport system can be heard in the backdrop as drinking glasses hit each other and the cars keep on providing the right amount of ambience.

The recording made me feel like sitting in silence with Joe Musgrove, I imagined him collecting empty beer bottles from the lanes next to the road. I imagined him stroking a gigantic mustache even though there is a really big chance that in real life he is clean shaven. Or simply not the owner of a mustache… it’s not a problem for me as Joe Musgrove’s easy going session made my morning into a relaxed wake up session. But I presume this ‘music’ can bring relievement at any moment of the day…

The work delivered by the other excellent combo Makro/Hetlev (nope; I can’t imagine them having mustaches…) is a bit more next level stuff, perfect for when you have digested the coffee, had peeled open the eyes and be a bit more awake and alive again. It is a work that has a nice breeze to it, but also lots of electronic action of things that tickle the senses. They reminded me of runaway sounds from a apex twin record who refused to be in the guy’s music anymore and had gone out for a well deserved holiday. They sound quite happy to be outside the music, jumping and rolling,flipping out at their own time and pace like the pretty young good-hearted rebels that they had always had been; finally released from their entrapped system. Viva la freedom & liberation!


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