Bobby Pin – Eat With Me

Artist: Bobby Pin
Title: Eat With Me
Keywords: experimental, bad music, nostalgia, lo-fi, weird

Import Jus by Bobby Pin will make you feel at home in craziness. A mixture of ingredients all mixed up in a juicy blend of music. It’s hard to define, going nicely all over the place from odd space music, to beats, to low profile rock shimmering with vocals. You pour it in your ears and you’ll be like; wtf was this all about, but it did taste fresh…

Elephant Spice is another ingredient that goes for a certain blend of music spiciness. It has a danceable setup with alternative sounding vocals howling on a quirky synthesizer lo-if melody. It has a drowned out party vibe, as if it is done by a The soul of a lost clubber still playing, dancing and performing while the club had closed down and demolished years ago.

Body with a taste of money’ keeps this vibe up, as if German MC Scooter had been dragged into a avant-garde tripped out sound session after inhaling a bong full of sativa. The vocalist is clearly feeling the substance abuse wrecking havoc in his body as the music brings out the anti-sanity out of him!

Cinnamon War’ goes for that electro disco effect that requires a pair of good shoes and a mind numb from tranquilizing feel good spirits. The beats and music is up, the moans are loud and the synth solos are played by fingers high on a line of washing powder. Time to stick out your tongue and dance like a uptight baboon; it’s party time!

I would have loved to have written some words on the last track on this release. One named ‘Honey 65’… but unfortunately I just added it to my ginger tea like a real twat. Sorry about that! I guess there is some more for you to get for your own pleasure at the following link:


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