evgthug1 – whisper

Artist: evgthug1
Title: whisper
Keywords: ambient, atmospheric, experimental, casiocore, demoscene, hauntology, lo-fi , outsider, weird,
Label: Ethereal Talks

The one and only evgthug1 is back to place us in the brainwave machine, ready to microwave our brains into a fried pulp. The result is a psychoactive overload that might trick us all into thinking that we are abducted into space by asteroid dub worshipping aliens. With a brilliant amount of probing by psychedelic synths while riding on the back of a lucid beat evgthug1 sets the barrier of melting a listener’s mind into total f#ckedup state.

2012 dissociative hooks right into this melted brain vibe with more stable weirdness to be sucked in. The rhythmic pulse goes forward while the music is like an newly found accordion being opened and closed without actual accordion music to come out. Talking about things that do come out… a nice Turd. This turd provides a fine clap-a-long slow inducing toxicological rhythm with psychedelic loops that will make the fried mind tumble as if it had been in a soft spinning washing machine: never expected a turd to be so clean!

The next track even dives deeper into the hallucinative music of psychoactive inducing rhythm, and strangeness. With enough nastiness in melody and ticking time bomb grooves and sample manipulations it’s the track that feels like a nightmare in which talking goats stare at you in a twisted matter. The blur of reality and odd strange out of this world weirdness also moves in a track named ‘single player’. It’s ultimately bizarre, kinda creepy and almost indescribable: just the way you should like it!

Something extraordinaire with stepping brushy beats and weird electronic drunk making funkiness is the groovy sounding ‘death drive’, it’s the material that makes the melted brain bubble up and the hosting body move like a professional freaked out dancer. The last track ‘I fvcked my casio’ is the final odd experimental track that will fit the moment of confusion and realization that the world has overnight become upside down and inside out. Yet the warm strangeness feels very easy to accept and bow down too! This music release is absolutely experimental, yet so very listenable and druggy at the same time. You can dance, you can love it, hate it, feel comfort or paranoid; this release somehow covers all in one! Beautiful in a original and freaked out psychedelic way…


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