Caleb Pinnell – everyoneandtheirdog

Artist: Caleb Pinnell
Title: everyoneandtheirdog
Keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, industrial, noise

Hi and hello, welcome. We are still here and ready to go mental (again)… But why not come and join us in the craziness that is real life by putting on some noises? Even if you won’t do it, I’ll be just chatting my head away about them… here it goes:

Everyone and their dog’ is like listening to possessed baby dolls squeeing and squeezing out high pitch tweaked out voices and sounds. They seem to be highly panicky and freaked out; something that seems highly in sync with the state of a mental meltdown that some social justice warriors had been awoken up in. This state is more popping out in seduced ways by terrified subdued screams and rattling rattles in the track named ‘it takes its toll’. It’s like a nightmare with sheer panic attacks.

More reveling fighting against sanity can be observed in ‘Pierce’ which is nasty, loud and pretty much maddening. Jumping through a glass window sounds less violent than listening to this part of the release. But it must be said; it’s a much saver way to harm yourself! If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, it’s maybe ‘stop following me’ that will do the trick; a track that does contain a loud beat to jump on and run away with.

‘Forest’ is a track that even though it’s noisy, it also has these tonal charms to it. A track that buzzes nicely around, strangely creating a moment of harmful peace to the scene. It even becomes pretty and melodic with a shimmering low rolling beat to compliment it all. When you roll along you fall automatically in another soundtrack named ‘system’ which sounds like an experimental showcase of slow passing gritty sounds and a voice that let you know the title of the track multiple times: handy in case you aren’t able to read!

Encounter’ is an odder one; going for multiple things in one like a collection of ingredients spread out on a table. First there is soothing ambience, then it becomes a bit noisier, a beat for pounding and ends with something much more punchier and distorted. And then there is ‘sirens’ which is like a frantic chip tune army stepping through all that’s left of the hearing capabilities with tones and sounds of freaked out people. I don’t know, the release seems to fit so much to this time and age with Ronald McDonald for president and people crying and rioting because their favorite pantsuit didn’t win. It’s all about the ‘chains’ and shackles from the ordinary people being fucked because living in a system… it’s best to not resist, embrace the fact that the world has gone upside down; put on your silly hat and be entertained by the incredible unexpected madness with these noises as your soundtrack of choice!

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One Response to Caleb Pinnell – everyoneandtheirdog

  1. Caleb Pinnell says:

    Thanks a lot for your review man! I hadn’t realized a review had been written for this album so i’m really grateful for your words. I loved the political spin you put on things, as ‘SIRENS’ and ‘CHAINS’ were partly a comment on police violence originally, but I like how you’ve interpreted things. Happy new year!

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