IHUG – Before Dawn Blvd.

The album art for IHUG's Before Dawn Blvd. feels a bit huggy. The artists are pictured in kind of a semi-side hug, hugging the rails above a large street.

The album art for IHUG’s Before Dawn Blvd. feels a bit huggy. The artists are pictured in kind of a semi-side hug, hugging the rails above a large street, which is being kind of… hugged between slanted tracts of earth.

Artist: IHUG
Title: Before Dawn Blvd.
Label: None
Cat#: N/A
Keywords: Artpop, Bedroom Pop, Dance Pop, Dream Pop, Electronica, Electropop, Experimental, Teen Pop
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

What is all that popping? Ah, it must be this pop music! That, or, my laptop is about to explode… hopefully, uh, not that. I should review this fast, just in case. πŸ˜‰

IHUG is the duo of two of our fave artists here, Amma Jononsense and MikeXO, and we were brimming with excitement and maybe even some fear over how this might turn out. The bandcamp informs us that they’re teaming up to bring us the poppiest music ever, or something to that effect. I have a hunch this will be a success!

‘Manipulation’ is the first track here, and oh my goth, the vocals… anyway, the sounds are interesting!

Moving onward, we’ve got ‘This Beat’. I like this one. It’s nice. For a bit. Not too bad, really.

Ohhh boy, now we come to ‘Hypnotic Love’! There are some synths, a groove happening… this one’s fun! I like the rhythms and the sawtooth synth bass.

‘Got Me Feeling Strange’ starts with some cool synth chord blops, sparse rhythmic sounds, and the vocals sound nice here. Gotta say, I’m feeling pretty strange as this continues.

‘Monster’ is, as far as we’re concerned, the monster hit on the record. “uuughhuuughh”. Monsters everywhere!

Next is ‘Consider Yourself Blocked’. It’s got a fun groove, the vocals are… wow. This music, I just don’t even know what to say.

‘Interlude’ is, well, an interlude.

‘Nothing Matters’ is a really short track, with nice synths and a rhythm, the vocals… are… something else. This is one of my favorites, here.

Some synth bass tones at the beginning of ‘Stuck In A Play’, followed by a scratch groove and vocals. I like it!

‘Everything Is Awkward’ is great. It’s kinda… jazzy? The vocals just make me laugh so much, but in a good way. πŸ˜› Honestly, I could be just totally losing it, but this may be the best music ever. Just really fantastic. Maybe this is my fave track here. Maybe this is my favorite track of all time. Could be.

Then, it’s ‘Angel Of Light’! I like the euphoric synth strings! The groove is cool.

‘Only You’ is the closing piece, and it’s got nice electric piano… lots of dual vocals… wow.

Well, I’m sure you already know what I’m gonna tell you, which is that you should click on the link down below and listen to all this stuff yourself. And, you were right. I did that. *laptop explodes*


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