Step Further Away – Deadsong

The album art for Deadsong, is a door to either hell or porridge.

The album art for Deadsong, by Step Further Away, is a real fixer-upper — but, I’m sure for the right price and with a bit of work, this could become the album art of our dreams.

Artist: Step Further Away
Title: Deadsong
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0386
Keywords: Dark Ambient, Industrial, Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hey, reader, welcome back to another review! I had this really strange dream last night, but I can’t actually remember anything about it, except that it was strange. Isn’t that strange? So strange. Well, guess there isn’t much else to say about that. I wonder what it all means?

At least we can all be certain of one thing: there is some music that needs to be reviewed, and chances are, it’s pretty great! We should almost certainly talk about that.

I’ve written about Step Further Away before in the past, and feel like talking about the artist’s other two albums that came out on my old label Noise-Joy that I’m always name-dropping. 😛

Deadsong begins with ‘Part 1: Face The Fire’. There is something clanging in the dark, and it seems to be echoing in a large room with many surfaces. Beneath, lurks a kind of swollen, ambient didgeridoo frequency… it is a slow-moving furnace of texture, a charnel upon which the bones of each sound are lain.

‘Part 2: Drowning’ is more spacious and acoustic feeling, with percussive industrial pieces of steel echoing from a dilapidated factory warehouse or cavern. It almost smells of musty air and each sound feels like emanations of rust. High pitch of feedback on the wind, shorting electrical wire sizzling. There must have been some condensation building up, because I now hear dripping… there is an occasional breakdown of transmission.

The final piece is ‘Part 3: Covered With Cuts’, which feels like movements in a large empty space. Clicking… doors opening… heavy things being dropped onto concrete and steel flooring. Steam escaping from hell. The further clatter of metal.

Wow! This is some fantastic atmospheric darkness! Go check it out at this link:

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