Various Artists – Suite Misadventures (V / A) 1975 – 1999: A Furry History

Artists: Various
Title: Suite Misadventures (V / A) 1975 – 1999: A Furry History
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: Dogpark

Welcome at the time of your life history show! Today we will be taking a peek into the flourishing life of prominent Australian artist Furchick, a grand look back through the ears of the furry hard working personality that keeps on giving.

Let’s go back in time, back to the year 1975. It was the year of Margaret Thatcher and the end of the Vietnam war, the time that the United Kingdom voted yes to stay in the European Union and the launch of VHS video cassettes… but most remarkable it was the year that Furchick was 13 year old! At this very healthy age Furchick teamed up with Michael Pannell and created ‘Mac & the corn stalk’. A listening story so legendary that it had still survived through time and even outlived that ‘yes’ vote and those VHS tapes!

The story is now available for your entertainment purposes, still loaded with magic and colorful characters and vocal performances that would be the green passage to lend both Furchick & Michael Pannel a job on broadway if they had wanted.

13 years later, 1988, the illegal drug called Crack is invented and launched on the market & the legal drug named Prozac is also equally introduced as an anti depressant. People might have forgotten these things, but the band that ruled the world with so called super stardom named ‘Katerpillar Tractor Concept’ has never left anyone’s mind or memory. Who could forget the handsome energetic Jeremy Hicks rocking out on his Bass? Or the attentive persona and wildly popular guitar player Gerard Kelly? Many youngsters had posters on their walls depicting the posture of the active drummer Anthony Davison… but the center of attention Furchick was the wild middle point with her energetic dose of energy and wildly fun & provoking attitude in her words as a vocalists! Their song ‘Metal Machine Man’ peaked number one in the alternative underground hit parade in at least 11 imaginary countries! Still today the song rocks and swings like no other!

1990 was a special year, the legendary east and west wall in Berlin seem to have been reunited, the first episode of the Simpsons had been brought to the television screen and the first page on the World Wide Web was created! Unbelievable! It was also the unforgettable year that Bruce Heyder’s vocals had put a spell onto many youngsters! He was like a young punk Elvis Presley together with the magnificent support of singing and drumming (one of the first singing drummers in the world!) Sally Foster & the famous guitarist Dave White on guitar. Also artist of today ‘Furchick’ was super active within this group of colorful friends as a bassist. They called themselves ‘K Tel Dancers’ and they had a very weird and popular dance every time they performed their favorite tune Ode to a Tappet. The dance might be a bit outdated now, but the tune still swings like it was just made yesterday!

Moving on to 1993, the time that the world’s second largest national park (in Australia) got destroyed by brush fires & two sick American scientist cloned a human embryo. It was also definitely the year of Froithead’s Soap Opera Soundtrack. A band that shaken up the world by storm, generating the danceable music with a punk attitude that is nowadays solidly missed. Froithead with not Robbie or Robbin but Rob Williams on the bass, the never aging Blair Wotton on guitar, plus the trusty sampler & the amazing vocal performances by Claire Pannell who just happens to be the alter ego of… guess who… yes… Furchick!

It might not be the same as the cloned human embryo, but 1995 was the year that Dave White and Furchick had been performing music as Claire’s UnNatural Twin. This was also the year of that toxic nerve gas attack in the subway of Japan, & the Grateful Dead band broke up.. oh and windows 95 was released! The strange and more experimental hard-edge track ‘a pair of scissors’ by the unnatural twin is a mind blowing piece that had still conquered time and space to lick our ears in a ooh lala way!

Going to the year that the Euro currency was introduced and Bill Clinton was dragged into a impeachment trial… 1999… and we can fondly think back of the wordless raw music by the legendary legends among legends ‘Air Traffic Controllers’. Their crunchy hit ‘Soft as baby’s fur’ is luckily also included in this 2016 release of Furchick and friends! This has to do with the fact that Air Traffic Controllers was also Furchick together with the handsome Gerard Cosly. Together they had this super tight sound that was and is still untouchable! Deep wicked drums, heavy guitars and the right amount of sound to hijack your mind into a fond state of memories of the good historic times!


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