Hayden Dalziel – Among

Artist: Hayden Dalziel
title: Among
keywords: experimental ambient drone improv improvised improvised music loops Perth

You know what we all need? We all need a piece of Hayden Dalziel in our life.
And I’m not meaning this in a cannibalistic way with a fridge full of Hayden’s body parts for consummation, but with ‘piece’ I mean the latest single created by this heartfelt artist.
It’s a track that feels very sincere, humbling the ears into submission of pure relaxedness.

With a strumming guitar, cheery feel-good birds and beautiful warming strings Hayden Dalziel transports us into the calm side of nature. Just wave the troubles of the mind behind, put them slowly in the bin and let this hand created piece of Hayden Dalziel in…
Only sad thing here is when the single stops playing, but as its free download and not a hell of work to do this and put it on repeat I would say: Happy drifting away!

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