mhz_ featuring Flat Affect & Bastard Child – The Weekly Flop #1

Artists: mhz_ featuring Flat Affect & Bastard Child
Title: The Weekly Flop #1
Keywords: lobit, experimental, drone, soundscape, weird

This is one for the obscure loving audio fanatics; a fine audio treasure for a sound trip that has a lot to offer. It has been secretly (almost anonymously) waiting on the weird corners of the internet, waiting for the right people (or person? … might it be YOU?) to be picked it up, unzip & be played like the long lost treasure that it is.

You won’t be disappointed as there is plenty of strangely good audio to be explored, a collection of soundtracks that will make the time pass by quickly and strangely. The package consists of two virtual disks, the first one has three wonderful sound tracks of pure low tech experimental smoothness. The first track is a fascinating smooth parade of different sound things, all nicely blended into each other for great transitional purposes. It’s more then 7 minutes in length but feels like a minute or two; signs of a time hole!

Luckily there is plenty more to explore on this flop and it will all be an adventure for the ears. Think of weird drowned out voices, under ground muffledness, strange animal sounds, weird dry cave-like environments, other indescribable noises strangely captivating the ears by bringing them all together is a way that makes sense… on the also included Disk B you can find one hour of material probably made by mhz_ (the host of this party), a drone-ish odd soundtrack that would please the sound freak with its eccentricity! Both these flops can be downloaded for free at the following link:


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