Eva Schlegel – Broken Doll

Artist: Eva Schlegel
Title: Broken Doll
Keywords: downtempo, trip-hop, electronic
Label: http://www.southerncitylab.net/

With the right precision Eva Schlegel plays around with cool and pretty synthesized melodic loops, acid baselines and relatable programmed electronic drums to create what music wizards would solidly claim as ‘magic’. The tracks hook into the same effect of a higher state of consciousness, moving in such a way that it’s easy to jump on board and be transformed into a dude or dudette with a great music taste.

With these fine melodic loops Eva Schlegel builds up what others have yet to build; progressional electronica clearly dipped in a original sauce of love. The melodies are memorable, powerful and grandly playful. Active material for a better day dream or an firm walkin the park; it suits to be heard pretty much everywhere and anywhere. Even though electronic music might not be for everyone, Eva Schlegel’s music might bring change by making it into something that could easily be cherished and loved by all generations, ages & people with different music tastes.

Her final work with sentimental piano loops and tiny brushy noise & short lived crunchy drums will secure your love for it all. Too bad it cuts off at the end, but positively seen; this might give a person the chance to humble down and attempt to continue the melody by self made acca-pella mumbling… it also might have to do with the album title, promising a ‘broken doll’ and not a full fledged doll that is perfect. I would say, take this broken doll with you and make yourself or anyone else happy with it; for a broken one it’s pretty much enjoyable:

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