Yume Hayashi & James Shearman- Explorations in Static Minimalism Volume 3

Artists:Yume Hayashi & James Shearman
Title: Explorations in Static Minimalism Volume 3
Keywords: experimental, noise, harsh noise wall, United Kingdom
Label:Avocado Tapes

These promised explorations in static minimalism on the third volume of this series are quite pretty. It starts with a solo work of 20 minutes by Yume Hayashi which feels in all honesty, very cozy and homely. If you wanted some gruesome noise set or a firm wall to blast your brains out; this isn’t it. But if you are the kind of person who enjoys the sound similar to sitting next to a warm fireplace with burning and crisping wood pieces in there; seek no further! This work has exactly this vibe and feel, making you easily feel warm and at home. Perfect for the colder months, listening to the comfortable cracks while sipping on a hot chocolate drink.

The second track (a collaboration between Yume Hayashi and James Shearman) gladly keeps up a similar cozy mood. It feels as if the wood is burning a bit more quicker, but not in a disturbing way. Both these tracks are pretty much safe material to put on as the soundtrack for friendly no nonsense backdrop noise & would be ideal as a record to spin on repeat in Christmas time. It feels very homely and warm, not in your face… a great gift for the upcoming holidays:


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