Oxykitten – Gleeking The Cube


Artist: Oxykitten
Title: Gleeking The Cube
Keywords: Synth/Retro-future
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

It is dark has a strange and annoying creature living in it, but also brings comfort and relaxation. The Demogorgon lives there and waits for you to spill your blood so he can attack.

Frantic binge-watchers know what I’m talking about. The Netflix hype ‘Stranger Things’. It’s set in this early 1980’s town where some smart guy thinks it’s a good idea to open up a portal to another dimension. This turns out to be not a good choice (otherwise the series would be very dull) and the town is plagued with disappearing kids.

This release by Oxikitten has the same attractiveness and feeling that the soundtrack of the former serie has. Full on synthesizer chords, arps, leads and basslines. All with that early 80’s to mid-90’s feeling.

Some of the highlights are the opening Battle Choads, theme-based Dry Whistle, the relaxing 4×4 and closer Affection Fail.

As last mention for the amazing artwork on this release. It has all those influences I dreamed about as a young kid. NES, a PAN-AM-logo like sun, mathemetical symbols and a heightmap in the background.

The album can be streamed/downloaded over at our friends of bandcamp.

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