Stag Hare – Velvet And Bone

Artist: Stag Hare
title: Velvet And Bone
keywords: ambient drone electronic faery fantasy folk love magic pop psychedelic storytelling Oakland
label: Inner Islands

Stag Hare knows how to massage our ears with a buildup that even the most painful stiffest muscle cannot resist to become flexible with. With smooth ambiance the hearing receptors are oiled up, with firm pleasant strikes they get pulled, stretched and pleasantly stroked in a relaxed way. The closer the end of the introduction comes, the steamer the relaxation becomes; giving the ears a fresh sound as if they had been beamed deep into the rainforest after a heavy set of tropical rain; all feels clean and smells so good while inhaled through these two sound receptors on each side of the head.

Now that the introduction had gone out of the way, we can all sit-up and move into the next relaxant of a track named ‘mirror’. Here you can inhale and exhale the healthy air, wobble the head & move the little toes in the approving way along with the slow but fine karma sutra friendly rhythms. We can hear the masseur singing soothing words in a cloud of ambient music that seem to be abstract and yet melodically shaped.

The session goes on with ‘Shadow’ which takes this mood into something that reminds of Indian culture, a place that feels like we are in a spiritual place with lots of incense, altars and meditating figures whose shadows sing, dance and move as they sit still. The music is the realm of this happening, an abstract blur in which the minds of individual listeners can jump in and travel into this spiritual world for a slow clap-dance with these shadows.

Then there is ‘Locket’, a track that seems to bring the sun light in audio form; thick layers full of it. They pass through the window, fall on top of skin and hair, while at the same time easily filling up the ears: amazing, isn’t it? The pretty clouds of music aren’t done yet, as there is also ‘Moonlit’ that indeed feels similar like the sunlight as felt within the previous track, but a bit more cooler. A different color, let’s say more blue / grey… The music hooks into the trippy psychedelia side of the spectrum, with voice and details massaging the ears until pure relaxedness kicks in.

The last honorable track is ‘Ghosthunter’ and feels like a journey that happens inside a person: Searching for answers with a fine stable beat & watery percussion. The claps feel very inviting again to somehow be clapped along, in some kind of monk-kind of way… It’s hard to place it, but it’s the music to feel enlightened; moving in the sun and moon light at the same time… It’s a pretty nice calming experience with enough energy to keep us active in the cloud of sound…

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