Djanan Turan – Dancing Feet

Djanan Turan the mastermind behind Dancing Feet

Artist: Djanan Turan
Title: Dancing Feet
Keywords: disco, pop, alternative, dance, feet, sing & songwriter,

The best disease to have is the one commonly known as the dancing feet. Symptoms are beneficial for the bloodstream in the legs and are along the lines of ‘wiggling toes’, loose ankles, incredible urge to nonstop move the feet in a dancing way. Most cases the disease spreads, taking over all body functions and triggering muscles into spontaneous unpredictable dance moves.

Visual and audio hallucinations also might occur. Stories have been written down about patients suffering from ‘Dancing Feet’ seeing mouse like faces on human bodies, disco divas with soft wooly afros & all seem to describe a very fun song that they hear nonstop within their heads. Another strange fact is that the ‘dancing feet’ patients mostly seem to connect with each other.

A few stories have been published in scientific magazines describing doctors trying to research their unstoppable dancing patients, but having to deal with them dancing out of the window, only be recovered dancing in a nearby park with other wildly infected dancing feet people.
All doctors who researched this phenomenon seem to conclude that there is no cure & that in fact they envy all who has ‘dancing feet’ as they do seem so happy, jolly and flexible.

Doctors would give advice for the ones in need to stop their office jobs and become professional dancers instead. Other jobs suitable for anyone who has ‘dancing feet’ might be squashing grapes with their feet in a old school wine making procedure, or opting to become a clinic clown in order to make other (more serious) sick people happy with them dancing all over the floor.
There isn’t been a whole lot of research on what have caused the uprising of this disease, but internet conspiracies believe that ‘dancing feet’ is been spread through the latest music & music video by Djanan Turan… so be careful as ‘dancing feet’ is well known to be superbly infectious! Anyone rooting for a dancing career? Tune in and soak yourself into it:

To know more about the cause of Dancing Feet please be free to check out her website:
Or (and?) befriend on the book of faces over here:


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