Sun Glitters X Nadine Carina – SG X NC

Artist: Sun Glitters X Nadine Carina
Title: SG X NC
Keywords: dreampop, glitterwave, electronic, hip-hop, shoegaze, Luxembourg

The music named ‘Flow’ is so pleasant, really fitting the brewing hot evening temperature that we are having here at the YIKIS headquarters. The deejay is spinning it to create a great atmosphere at our yearly garden party. It’s almost eight o clock at night but it’s bloody hot and all the crew hangs outside in the yard, some popping cans of intoxicatingly liquids and others are munching on vegan sausages; all of us are seemingly enjoying the music. Starting with ‘Flow’ but easily the entire release flows out of the loudspeakers to spread the instant good vibes among the critical sun loving night crawler crew of reviewers.

Let me check on them and see what they have to say… Alex, how are you? Enjoying yourself tonight in the YIKIS yard? What? No, really? Who is president? The guy from the apprentice? Ah good joke my friend! Well I’m happy you made it to Thailand for the garden party… what do you think of the music? Ah, you dig it… that is some crucial information right here. I can’t agree with you more, the music is very pleasant, loving the smooth vocals ringing in the night… oh, yes Alex you are right; the electronics are sounding great too… I know people reading this at home will not be able to hear this, but a huge group of crickets just landed and make their sounds of approval, which strangely really blends nicely with the music..

Ah there is another reviewer, a Dutch man… Hi, Johan glad you made it at our yearly YIKS reviewer’s garden party all the way in Thailand… I see you have been munching on these vegetarian sausages.. how I know? Man, there is sauce all over your face! So what do you feel tonight when listening to the music… what music you say? The music that we are playing right now, the material that comes out of the speakers as we speak… oh yes, you are right, it does blend excellent with the night crickets. You like the cracking rhythm and the singing? Yes, it does help providing a nice come-together feel good evening vibe… I couldn’t agree with you more, Johan… thanks for your opinion man , I’ll see you later at the garden’s glasshouse, okay? Okay.

Come dear readers, let’s go to the glasshouse as there our technician has managed to play music of a similar name… oh my! Look who is here? It’s Linda, our head of comment! How nice and unexpected to find you chilling in the glasshouse… what are you doing here, Linda? Opening and closing calculators? Okay, that’s cool. What do you think of the music here, Linda? I know it isn’t Irrlicht Project (her favorite artist..) but does it twinkle your fancy? Oh you want to leave us in suspense? Only answering (if you feel like it..) in the comment section? Sure, Linda… after all you are the head of comment, I can wait… what? What I think of the Glasshouse music? Oh, can’t you see? I’m in heaven… it’s making me feel so good, in fact it feels as if I’ve drunk a bottle of wine and feeling blissfully fine. The music is perfectly hitting that not drunk, but there is subdued alcohol rush available feel… I don’t know, the mellow melody, the soothing voice that resonates nicely against the glass walls… I kinda love it… anyway, Linda.. I’ve got to go out again; glasshouses are pretty damn hot!

Oh my the time goes so quick… another day will come up tomorrow. It’s funny as I know that the track that is playing now has a title that is identical as ‘Another Day’. It has a nice shimmering beat, sweet mellow melody, more of the pleasant dreamy hazy vocal… I don’t know… I think it’s pretty… let me see who else I can ask about it? Ah, there next to the wall… yes, it’s nobody less than reviewer RTF! Hoe are you my friend? Good… you are working on a new album for Doomettes? Yes! And the garden gnome? Still evil? Yes, I’m working on a review for your previous album but you see garden parties… it takes a lot of time to organize. It’s good to speak to you though!

I’m sorry I didn’t ask RTF what he thought of the music.. but he had headphones on and it seemed that he was trying to listen to harsh noise when I came to disturb him. It’s better not to come in between a man and his harsh noise wall, people. Trust me, it’s better to move along. Move along dreaming of the sunlight… with a temperature like this, I’m sure the sun will shine bright tomorrow. The last tracks that come out of the speakers are easily traveling towards the moon & bouncing off politely to travel to the sun; it will probably smile when it arrives in the early morning… I don’t know about you dear readers, but I’m going to the table with the free drinks and ask the deejay to play this release again…


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