Monkey Warhol – The Darwin LP


Artist: Monkey Warhol
Title: The Darwin LP
Keywords: electronic, experimental, pop, synthpop
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel


Everything strat with an E is the opening track. It reminds you of late disco hits and resembles great producers such as Daft Punk. Fantastisc production could make this an underground hit all at once!

Lovely Lady is even more danceable than the previous track. But can someone please explain me what’s the similarity between a lovely lady and a taco? Building on all set popsong building paradigms it still has this underground feel to it.

Manscaping takes us back to our early 90 rave hits combined with some techno-vocals. Cyber-goths will be going mad on this one!

Let Your Hammer Ring starts like a country-track but than turns into a Fatboy Slim dope track.

Lunar Orbit is a more experimental future-pop space track. Sweeping leads and dark arps send you of to Ganymedes.

Early Mornin’ combines a lot of the previous tracks. A old sample with a dancing groove and a thick lead synth. Turning in a more stomping track about halfway through, giving you the urhge to start dancing.

I Get What I Want turns around to a whole other spectrum. This track is a mix between Punk/Synth/Anarchy/Atari Teenage Riot/Offspring music. Another track with hit potential.

A Minor Victory returns us to the ore settling dance tracks of Early Mornin’, Let Your Hammer Ring and Everything Starts With An E.

It’s Warhol Actually is the most outstanding track of this LP. Leaning towards pop but on the other hand also urging that angry feeling out of your toes.

Waiting is the closer and is theonly track that has a real song structure. If this is the way Monkey Warhol will go, they will be on mainstages of big festivals in no time.

In conslusion I can say only one thing: Why is this album not released on a big label? It deserves such a bigger audience than it will now reach. Since it isn’t released on a big labvel, you can get it here.

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