The Dolar Compre$ors – Hommàge à Sebastián Macchi (EP)

Artist: The Dolar Compre$ors
Title: Hommàge à Sebastián Macchi (EP)
Keywords: experimental, post-rock, Mendoza

This release is special as I can’t say what it is that I’m hearing. But I did feel it would be nice to share this mystery with my neighbors by playing it as loud as possible. I could just hear them think in a similar style like me; what is this sound? What is my crazy neighbor doing now?

It’s that kind of thing, it is sounding very much like someone doing some DIY, but it is totally unclear what kind and what tools are used. It’s like a guessing game that (for how long that it would last) could probably drive the neighbors mental.

Shall we call the neighborhood watch again, darling? Is our crazy neighbor trying out yet another noisy new invention? We should have moved to another house when we had the chance! I’ll write him a note begging to him to please keep the strange noise down…

The second part of this release will probably drive them even more nuts, as played with enough volume the walls of the house started to thrill, while the actual sound feels like a woozy buzz with a watery fuzz (I told you; this stuff is hard to decipher!)… I can just imagine the neighbors in total meltdown saying things like:

What is he doing now? Is he gassing the place? Is there a water leak? Oh gosh, someone call the cops! Let’s go camping for a bit, just in case some chemical weirdness happens next door?

The sound also becomes more subtitle, with other cracking sounds and high pitched synthesized oddness; it will drive the neighbors mental in anticipation. But as a audio lover I’m quite alright with it.. what about you and your neighbors?


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