J Tizzle – Pause It

Artist: J Tizzle
Title: Pause It
Keywords: electronic, video

For the ‘pause it’ music video by J Tizzle I’ve sat myself on a comfortable sofa in our private cinema room. The engineer had put on the music at a pleasant volume and got the room lights dimmed to almost darkness. The video beamed on the big screen had all these magical lights, bright neon colors and the camera would fly through all kind of locations and sceneries that reminded me dearly of the visualizer of the good old Winamp (it really whipped a Lama’s ass…).

There are Tetris block skyscrapers, mysterious club surroundings with pillars with glow-sticks attached to them, landscapes that feel a bit like we are in a matrix after swallowing the red and the blue pill at the same time..
I did bring my 3D glasses for this session and some popcorn, but because of sentimental tears (what happened to my beloved Winamp?) and the noise that me munching on popcorn would make, I’ve refrained from wearing the glasses and eating the popped corn: can’t get the glasses wet and don’t want to disturb the music session either.

So what happened music wise… I have no idea really, it all happened so quick. The music blended so nicely with these moving graphics that it seduced me a bit into some half fuzzy state of mind; some kind of hypnosis some might call it. Instead of the track being strong and bold, it was more soft and polite, not very memorable but still really fitting with these visuals that passed by on the big screen. I felt like being in a modern computer world with fitting cool music to compliment the trip. You might feel like that too when sitting in a dimmed dark room with the following video playing as your only sound and light source:

You can get the tune from this video and others from T Jizzle’s EP named Transition, available at the official website over here:

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