Najah Safiya – Eat The Cookie

Artist: Najah Safiya
Title: Eat The Cookie
Keywords: pop, experimental, electronic

You might have a cookie jar full of crumbles at home & a dilemma of not accustomed to fill it up with a stranger’s cookies, but when the strange Najah Safiya offers you one audio cookie it would be enormously stupid not to take it. You do not have to eat it, you can put it in the jar of collected crumbles just to open it and stare at it for a while; after all this cookie might not be so edible, but it for sure is a one of a kind unique collectible that you simply can’t pass when it comes along your way.

This way is today as when we heard this audio cookie I knew this would suit our humble blog perfectly. In fact I felt obliged to spread the word of the eccentric audio cookies made by Najah Safiya. Sure they ain’t free, available through ITunes like a modern day girl scout selling home baked audio cookies digitally, but well this kind of cookie might just be worth to pull out your bank card out for… I mean if this is a cookie then it almost belongs in a museum; it deserves a fine place at one exhibition of young talented individuals and what they can come up with in their audio cookie ways… this cookie is pretty kookie!

The cookie is pretty individualistic too, clearly composed of electronic music in the early ages of exploration, the first steps into global cookie domination. There is this cream made out of fuzzy vocals that gets clearly baked in with loud unexpected yells or perhaps ‘pretty tones’ that will trigger the meows of the neighborhood cats; it’s a powerful cookie that isn’t like a cat whisperer, but more like a cat screamer. Who doesn’t love cats and who doesn’t love eccentric baked audio cookies? If you didn’t you would probably not here reading this while licking your lips…

The cookie might only be available for purchase, but thanks to YouTube and the ability to stream audio and visuals at the same time; we can all enjoy this audio cookie with the sight of a dance and special effects. We can see the cookie baker dancing around with a sword and hear the unique material at the same time. I’ve said it once and don’t mind saying it twice: when Najah Safiya offers you cookie you better take it! Pretty damn special!


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