Covarino/Incorvaia – Perugia


artist: Covarino/Incorvaia
title: Perugia
label: Preserved Sound
keywords: alternative, tortoise, alternative, ambient rock, ambient ambient rock, contemporary composition, instrumental, live, modern classical, perugia, piano based, post-rock, postrock, Hebden, Bridge

OK, so I’m copying KN for a bit (you’ll see how!) but anyways, it’s review time. This one caught my eye because it mentioned something about a tortoise.

Now, I forgot the difference (between turtle and tortoise) but tortoise goes for like a slightly more specific general term for land dwelling slow members of the order Testudine. Tweak that a bit and you’re eating ball sacs but I digress.

I had this on for a bit until this paragraph. They’re soothing tones but sadly do not keep my interest all that much. I guess if you want to relax and what not to guitars this will be your shit. HOWEVER, a much more pressing issue has occurred.

There are 5 tracks. THEY’RE NOT IN NUMERICAL ORDER (at least for track name). The order is as follows: 1,3,2,5,6. First off, where does 3 get off thinking it comes before 2? And even scarier is, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO 4? A mystery that may never be solved folks

So, the thing that caught my interest the most is eerily not present. Perhaps it joined number 4 and fucked off. Perhaps the artists and tortoises that turned into humans to make ambient guitar tracks? All I know is, I have a story. It’s about someone that goes by a name and that name includes the word turtle. One day, said turtle person began calling me daddy and kept on trying to see my dick and asked me all sorts of questions about genitalia. One day I sent them a dick pic when I was rather high on uppers. The end.

Pick up your copy of mossy rocked cd goodness here:


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