Ujjaya – The Landing Zone (Live)

Artist: Ujjaya
Title: The Landing Zone (Live
Keywords: ambient, ethno-ambient
Label: egOcide

The mystique mysterious music by Ujjaya comes out like a peek in a jungle of the unknown and yet fairly known. With the stimulating buzz of a humming didgeridoo, cool reflective atmospheric ambient that smells of big forest vegetation and wet tropical fog; the scene to wear a tiger tanga slip and a shamanic hat made out of giant leafs is right here and right now.

Strange voices bubble beneath their breath Under more mysterious circumstances. Strange birds fly over low as they squeak out signs of of tension. A heartbeat pulse can be heard thrilling the nature at its most peculiar ways. Something might be in the air, not a fart but something more mysterious. The tropical birds tweet to compliment our guts willing to walk around in tiger tanga and funny hand made hat as serious open mindedness might just be jumping out from one of the many trees. It’s such a trip, here wild cats and left alone crying babies who believe to be monkeys cry out loud to freak you out; mysterious music for mysterious nature freaks on tryptamine.

The atmospheric scenic scenes in which we walk around in the depth of foggy nature among miss, plants, trees and feathery creatures whistling their songs are not going anywhere when plugged into this album. When a rhythmic rhythm can be heard it’s best to give into that shamanic inner feeling of picking up the nearest tool to play along & shake the booty in a far from modern way. This mysterious soundtrack brings back the roots, even sipping in ancient melodies played out on lo-if traditional instruments to make us all feel good.

 Just swing your elbows from tree to tree, show off your tiger tanga to the fire ants and the bugs; flap your arms around like a shaman who knows what it is doing & impress the eyes of the birds watching the crazy scene from close by. This Landing Zone by Ujjaya will take us back to nature, far away from modernity, stimulating the imagination for psychedelic times. Tiger tanga slip, hat and ticket to a foggy jungle not included!


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