Sound_00 & Lefterna – Collab 15

Artists: Sound_00 & Lefterna
Title: Collab 15
Keywords: ambient abstract ambient electronic dark ambient drone experiemental Kobaš
Label: Crna Zemlja Netlabel

A soaked sound of windy deep drone opens this one up. You can pickup a non existing canoe and somehow sit in it as it takes you gently down the calm dark stream. No rowing action is needed as the sound is moving enough for you to sit back and go for the auto-pilot option. The stream moves from one conserved river into smaller lagoons of drones all the way to a next one. There is no real time to look around and no worry to be stuck somewhere; the flow simply keeps on going and the imaginative canoe has no encounter with sharp rocks or anything else that could harm this story.

Halfway we can hear others in their imaginative canoes dribbling down the steamy stream of drone, they seem to unwrap their sandwiches and eat while they automatically keep moving along. It makes hungry and somehow it would be a great idea to have a sandwich at hand in case you need to munch while still gently passing over the stream. Waterfalls on both sides might splash around, twinkling sounds of wonder might be imagined… but all you have to do is the act of doing nothing, as the non existing canoe will just float along until the twenty minutes has reached its ending. There we can step out of the boat and try to play with our radio communicator in he hope someone can pick us up and drop us all the way back towards the beginning.

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