Eisenlager & Thomas Park – eclectic noise samples

Artist: Eisenlager & Thomas Park
Title: eclectic noise samples
Keywords: experimental avantgarde dark ambientelectronic industrial Germany
reviewer: Willem van O.

Eisenlager & Thomas Park have joined forces to create a very interesting collaboration. It starts with a track named ‘Feel Free To Enjoy’ which sounds as demonic and evil as the lord of the flames herself. You can hear the music crawling under the skin, feasting on a user’s fear while a monstrous deep voice mumbles something that probably might be up to no good. The tension of this track is a stark contrast with the happy smiling face of Thomas Park on the front cover, but does fit nicely with the expression of Eisenlager; welcome to the sound of darkness. But don’t worry, the release will slowly become less devilish and more warm and gentle.

Remixed, reduced’ is the next collaboration between these two prolific sound experimenters and music creators. The sounds are a tiny bit less evil, focusing more on the hypnosis and the occult warmth then something that would greatly speak to the horned one. The music is brewing, first think and slowly shrinking into a cozy audio swamp with hallucinating side effects that will tickle the ears with crackled sounds, friendly micro gongs and the continuation of a fine woozy hypnotic feeling.

Here Are Some Interesting Samples’ is a title that suggest being a sentence somewhere in the beginning of these two artists collaborating. A strange vibe is created over here with indeed lots and lots of samples that would gather anyone’s interest. They track is really setting everything to work to please a listener with a audio trip to remember. A psychedelic soup that you could go through, creatively blurring reality out and replace it a world of magic music shrooms. Arms are longer and the floor is simply much more flexible.

The last track continues the audio story with lots of details of the trip. With a hot and warm deep depth the music world on a consumer’s mind. It slips below consciousness making the stimulating industrial easily pop and do it’s hallucinating caring things. A heavy transition from evil to under the skin trio hypnosis, but this collaboration works like a charm!

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