HELL1995 – First Step To Suicide Generation

Artist: HELL1995
Album; First Step To Suicide Generation
Genre: Griefcore; Noise
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Hell1995 is bringing the strange euphoric music of The First Step To Suicide Generation in a fuzzy but music way? I’m not sure if the music supposed to sound like my ears had been broken & out of order, or that I’m encountering some technical issues, but I presume with the release ticked with genres as ‘Griefcore’ & ‘Noise’ that it probably is intended to sound pretty f@cked up.

To me the beginning had something in common with the sound of skiing down a dangerous snowy hill. Heartbeat beating at the back of the throat, dangerous deep pits to fall in and chances to roll around and be part of a all destroying gigantic snowball. But because the noise happening is seemingly made out of music with an euphoric emo melody, the whole skiing down a dangerous hill theme became more strange; still not convinced if my ears are hearing the things correctly.

Whatever the case, the next track is still skiing down the dangerous snowy hill, and I feel it’s appropriate to wear a ski costume just for special interactive effect. I can hear something in this ‘broken’ noise that seem to resemble drums, perhaps heavy guitars… but not sure though, as it’s the fuzzy throw yourself off the hill noise that can basically be anything and nothing at the same time. But there is one moment (all the way at the end) in which a high pitched keyboard melody can be heard above the fuzz. Hooray, we have a clear winner!

The track after this still makes me feel as if either my ears had been ruined for life, or that my speakers had been exploded and have no intention to come back to life again. I won’t blame them, after all it’s my responsibility to have fed it HELL1995’s First Step To Suicide Generation. Maybe my speakers had killed themselves before even attempting to play it out properly…

The hell of noises goes on and I feel that the ski session becomes more panicky as we go along. Music can be heard but it’s dressed in such a fuzzy way that it’s not really distinguishable. It all ends up rather abruptly with the last and final title track playing; but perhaps that’s a conceptual take on a successful suicide mission. I will have to check the wires of my speakers, go to a doctor to check my ears and perhaps play some old school Abba to make sure no equipment or inner ears have been screwed in the reviewing process. Maybe wearing a ski helmet while listening to this release might not have been the best idea. Maybe it’s a good idea to check it out with your own (hopefully working) ears at the following link:

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