Zetha – ♫ Splatter ♫

Artist; Zetha
Title: ♫ Splatter ♫
Keywords: experimental acid vomit harsh noise no-input mixer shit music Salerno
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Zetha Splatters fun nastiness in your face, whole arcade machines full of them. It’s as if your face is safely tucked away behind glass and these arcade machines are thrown through them shattering the glass while they go absolutely berserk on some kind of glitchy virus, or a highlight in a brilliant hacker’s artistic career. The sounds are pretty fanatic; a high voltage rhythmic cuckoo mess that makes a world of wracked Mario bros & asteroids on crack come to mind.

Laser like shootings to instantly fry your gamer’s brain with, pure glitch that knows no boundaries and always repeats the things that you want to hear again, yet never too long; just enough to point your head towards the closest sign of pure lunacy. You can bang your head hard against real arcade machines or listen to this release by Zetha instead; it’s both a lot of fun but only one will save a lot of hospital bills.

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