Broads – Everything Is Spinning, Nobody Is Actually In Charge

EISNIAIC cover.jpg

Artist: Broads
Title: Everything Is Spinning, Nobody Is Actually In Charge
Label: Humm Recordings
Keywords: electronic, experimental, pop, synthpop
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

This album by Boards start of with Sway. A track with deep rumblings and panning motions to let you sit still in your chair and wait for things to come.

The very first thing to come after Sway is the next track Gut Politics. I’m still wondering if it is the German Gut, which means Good. Or just your gut feeling or even your real intestines.

Bar Pilot does fulfill some of the promises made in the press-release taht this album sound like early 4AD stuff. Really relaxt layed down guitar stuff and swooshing background.

Everything Is Spinning is indeed spinneng. Back-and-forth and round-and-round this ambient track lets you close your eyes for a little more than two minutes and relax your body before hitting the next track.

Nobody Is Actually In Charge is the shoegaze pinnacle of this abum. Sweeped out lines, blocked drums and a lead guitar that plays arps like a madmen. Ending in a great finaly.

Then it’s time for Hot Corners. The more dance oriented track holds up to a deep underground track with the blips, bleeps, wonks and dark bassline.

Broads 01.JPG

Live action!

Aviso is the interlude of the album and the party. Composed of samples and a light guitar/piano like sound it helps you to meditate back to rest before the rest of the album begins.

The second part stars with a track called Fives. This really invorating slow track is one you need to keep your head at or you’ll loose the momentum and you can wander off. P.S. best track 😉

Israeli Ceramics sets forth on the modd from the previous track. But is a bit lighter and more loop based with some nice twinkles and little stars passing through.

Broads 02.JPG

More action!

Everything Is Not Clues gets back to guitar-driven tracks and has some vocals on it that reminded me of some early Beatles actually.

It’s time for the closer Distance. Sometimes the weirdest track on the album gets the last spot. This is also true for this track. Not that it is weird in the scene (cough) we participate in, but it is the track this holds the least with the rest of the album. Tha being said; It’s still a really cool track with a lot of resemblance to shoegaze and post-rock music.

You can allready download a download-only EP that is preceding the release of the LP from here. The LP will be out on the 9th of January as a pay-what-you-want download or as a very limited CDR. The CDR has really cool artwork by Tel Aviv-based ceramic artist Erifyli Tsavdari on the cover.

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