DirtyPrettyThin – Come Devour Me

Artist: DirtyPrettyThin
Title: Come Devour Me
Keywords: alternative dance dark pop dirtyprettythinelectronic gay lgbt pop alternative rock dance rocksongwriter United Kingdom
reviewer: chef coock

If you are a real man, a boy, tiger or in general a hungry male animal I might have a great tip for you. A delicious meal you shouldn’t really refuse! It’s been known on the internet as ‘DirtyPrettyThin’ which might mean that there is more bone then meat on this happy willing meal, yet it presents itself so tasty that you will drool when it sings in front of your face. Perhaps it isn’t drool from tastiness but for sure you would love to eat DirtyPrettyThin when you hear the singing and the music.

If you aren’t a real man, boy, tiger or in general a hungry male animal you might want to find one who is, as you probably will be happy too if DirtyPrettyThin get what it wishes for: being devoured!

Devouring DirtyPrettyThin would be something high upon your wishlist when you hear the artist doing its music thing, either you find someone who can get it done, or you will be the chosen one (my hero!) ready for the job & receive eternal gratefulness for all who don’t fit the description or simply aren’t strong enough to set their teeth into DirtyPrettyThin and devour this singing meal for a better planet.

Please feel free to make DirtyPrettyThin more appetizing; add some male cream on top, maybe strawberries, slices of kiwi, some chocolate moose spread around the buttocks. Maybe put some candles on the table for a real dining mood if needed, but be sure to devour DirtyPrettyThin until there is no more DirtyPrettyThin left. If DirtyPrettyThin will sit inside your body and singing still can be heard through your belly skin, you could at least go and join a circus as some kind of ventriloquist showcasing a belly that sings about how it would love to be being devoured…

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