d\ruffnik – Hatred

Artist: d\ruffnik
title: Hatred
keywords: idm, broken beats, thrill’n’bass, illbient, lobit
label: 20kbps http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/

The Swiss IDM artist d\ruffnik has some skill to envy. You can compare d\ruffnik
‘s latest release on the most epic mothership of internet labels (get your music free, people!) the 20kbps label with a fist stuck into a velvet glove.
It’s like being beaten up while still getting a gentle touch each time the fist fists both your ears.

d\ruffnik is in this case probably one of the more polite music producers available at this very moment, even being so kind and gentle to start with a warm welcome, something to get your toes wet & prepare yourself for the nice thick and slow punches gently coming your way.

The bass & the slow kick are ready to break your nose while at the same time the added kindness is nurturing your wounds and even kissing them. It’s like receiving assault and love at the very same time… It will be very hard not to love it as being punched with love and gentle kindness is somehow a good way to get a point across these days.

The pleasant gentle rough micro-giant d\ruffnik also takes care for a very polite outro, brushing off your clothes with a friendly melody, making you feel perfectly ready to face the world again like nothing had happened. Ruffnik pampers the wounds it just inflicted and places plasters of kindness all over them; How nice!

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