Super Hit – Super Hit Sampler

Artist: Super Hit
Title: Super Hit Sampler
Keywords: experimental fun psychedelic weird New York

First heating it up on a spoon, next sucking it up in the nearest hygienic needle, wearing a fancy belt around the arm and flushing the whole load directly into the veins. Slide yourself behind in relax mode, get rid of the belt and let the music travel all through the body. This is the super hit that no asthma patient inhaling smoke through a gigantic bong can experience; the synthesizer hotness and super cool bass traveling through the blood stream will take you to places of orgasmic delight… to hell with working, taking care of things; all you want to do is more super hits…

Luckily there is more from the same dealer and creator available. One more shot feels so good that it will hit you so hard that the blue color will change into gold. It’s a heavy psychedelic side effect but because it’s a pleasurable one you will find yourself swinging in an out of body dance experience. It feels so good to hear and feel these hits, making all earthly problems go away and just replacing it with inner body levitations.

Shot after shot of those two hits will make you beg for one more to finalize a final hit into unconsciousness. Luckily Super Hit provides the last hit with no problem, giving an euphoric feeling all over the body as it makes love with it through synthesized melody and big drums. In the end these three hits will be enough to convert a listener into a drooling piece of satisfaction; tongue out of mouth and eyes flipped inside out.


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2 Responses to Super Hit – Super Hit Sampler

  1. linda says:

    A bit behind on digging through the lovely reviews as I’m stuck on this sampler for a while. True addiction for sure, can’t wait to hear the whole album! I hope car radios are still holding value…

  2. Herman Bread says:

    once you hit a good hit you’ll be stuck for a while 🙂

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