ZEIT – Monument

Artist: ZEIT
Title: Monument
Format: digital, CD, Vinyl
Keywords: hardcore hardcore punk metal punk
Cave Canem Diy
Dingleberry Records
Dischi Bervisti
Epidemic Records 
Icore Produzioni 
Indelirium Records 
Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records
Tanato Records
ToTeN ScHwAN records

ZEIT has been screaming in my face with a whole nerve wrecking guitar drum situation behind it. It has been a terrifying situation as I was (the professional reviewer that I am) pretty loaded with booze when ZEIT kicked in so violently, pretty much disturbing a relaxed evening of beer, sweat and nothingness.

I remember feeling as if ZEIT was just a millimeter away from my drunken face, making my haircut blow back and my eyes turn sideways just to avoid the potential sight of a psychopathic band ready to collect unsuspected souls for the slaughter. I was too pissed to stop the release from playing & frightening me (I couldn’t really move anymore…) but the shortness of the tracks saved me from a fatal heart attack from the upfront close in the face encounter.

The music screams for annihilation, the sounds are on the edge like a crazy bunch of hysteric lunatics that like to cut out their own livers as a lucrative hobby. The vocalist’s vocal blowed his loud voice in my face like someone who doesn’t give a shit, but secretly could use a peppermint. His voice is raw and square, creating a maddening tension with the rest of the music, a kind that made me feel like I had accidentally stepped into a fight & these ZEIT people wanted to remove my head and dump it in a bin. I know that it’s not about me, but that’s just how it all felt.

It’s so aggressive that I almost forgot that there are actual guitar riffs in there that are melodic; it basically jumps all like a maniac who had hijacked a full train just in order to run it against another one. Lots of feedback, boldness and sound as close to the sound barriers as possible & it hammered away passionately to possibly kill bad reviewers and all who wanted a moment of nice and quiet.

Hearing this it made me drink some more, just hoping that the more alcohol inside the more distance between my face and ZEIT would have been created, unfortunately that is not how things work in the real world. I just got more and more wasted & ZEIT didn’t move an inch; always manic and loudly in the face…

The last bit the screaming continued along with aggressive guitar and fanatic drumming, I could only think that it must have been the sign that the world must be ending today. Luckily I had found some relief as I made it to the nearest toilet and puked my own liver out. (Perhaps that saved me from ZEIT’s cutting to get that liver in a different way…)

The release seems to be released by multiple labels (or I’m so out of it that I see all double) and available in different formats. I have no idea how and who, but I would say good luck to anyone sane who seriously enjoys this release: you people must have livers made out of steel & immune for in your face manic hysteria.



Are you seeing double?

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