Hey Karel, Kerel, you old chickenfart!

Hey Karel, Kerel, you old chickenfart!

It was so great to see you again once more at Gifgrond! Such a nice invitation you had made and I did see you enjoy so much the fantastic performance of Arma Arghata. With his nervous movements performance on circuit bended instruments. Hop! Immediately that microphone in his mouth, here something beautiful is created with extraordinaty dedication! Yes, that was totaaly in your little street. It was a real discharge of sounds and noises and alien activity. With DJ Stijn a chill afterdance enjoying the gifmix in the hand. Are there worse things on earth? Probably, but there’s no time for that now. There is a program to enjoy and it is Good.


Arma Arghata at gifgrond

Hexenschuss keep up the evening properly with their rythmic organl/electric piano and kids-drums that I charmed me much. The keyboardist on his socks playing the rytmic accords and two-hands-play to be watched: who plays with two hands on a keyboard nowadays?! Ánd a foot-pedalboard with effects for the background athmosphere.The bold drummer stamps with a grimm face in deep concentration the tempo. If the songs had been longer, they would have had me in trance. Wouldn’t you?

Fortunately DJ Stijn kept the evening in the air and warmed us for the do-it-yoursels-stamping sessions. Man, I have never seen you going beserk on the dancefloor before. Also the other poisoned people liked it like pudding. Not a single muscle was unused, the dance movements were in and came out!! That Crever, a name to remember! Every party is lifted up into the air in no time!
DJ Stijn could not be left behind and finished the ever lasting party as a human disco ball.All gifmix was gone, all beer was through. Even the non-alcoholic drinks were clear up! And really, that had nothing to do with bad shopping, but everything with the unexpected high amount of thristy people. So many people… I lost you out of sight afte a while. You went outside for a smoke and didn’t come back. I wanted to get you a gifmix but it was already finsihed by then. Next time, you’ll be there again? January 14th in the new year. I know I will ❤

With love,

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