Jenifa Mayanja – Random Nature

Artist: Jenifa Mayanja
Title: Random Nature
Format: vinyl, digital
Keywords: house jus-ed legend new-york oldschool technoweird Weingarten
Label: Big Bait Records

Jenifa Mayanja’s Random Nature is a great example of how natural house music should sound like. House music that slips in like hunkering feet into a pair of comfortable slippers.everything is fixed and placed at the right place, forming those kind of rhythmic tracks that nobody will have difficulties with when jumping on board.

When a base kick and clap show up like kings and queens of nature, it will be very hard not to move to the music so neatly produced by Jenifa Mayanja. It’s the natural kind of house music that will make the inner voice say something like ‘take me away!’…as that’s what this music does, pleasantly providing exactly what had been promised on the tin; natural house music. The whole ‘Random’ part might be something that sits in the fact that you didn’t think you would listen to this release before…

And no, this is no joke or a piss-take; these tracks are far away from any potential criticism. If there had to be something, the only complaint would be something along the line of it being too good; but hell who would be a twat enough to complain about perfection? The lengthy lengths of each track also perfectly caters to the needs of a potential deejay who needs time to mix one record into another & still have time left for a beer on the side. Anyway, I’m giving a link to this release, but will place it randomly somewhere in the middle of this review. Have fun finding & clicking it! <KN>

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