The album art for Ethrelite's ⎔ DIGITAL_DREAM_ESCAPE ⎔ is one of the most pink things I've ever seen in my life. It's very, very pink, and it's incredible.

Words fail to describe the album art for Ethrelite’s ⎔ DIGITAL_DREAM_ESCAPE ⎔… except for the word ‘pink’, which works pretty well. This is one of the most pink things I’ve ever seen.

Artist: Ethrelite
Label: Museum of Skin
Cat#: MOS010
Keywords: Electronic, Ambient, Avant-garde, Experimental, Future Prog, Lounge, Soundtrack, Vaportrap
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Somehow, it’s 2016, and the human species still hasn’t exploded, or melted, or whatever apocalyptic scenarios were supposed to happen… but, in a strange turn of events that no one saw coming, plenty of cool music is being made! I’m about to listen and write about some of it right now, in case you’re just tuning in and would like to join me.

It begins with ‘LOADING DIGITAL DREAM ESCAPE…’, which is full of super bright, textured chords like something straight out of a digital 90s synth workstation. This voice ushers us through a virtual reality memory bank simulation of the year 2016. I’m becoming a bit frightened by the unlimited potential of cyberspace, though I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.

Moving on, ‘HYPER FLOURISH’ continues beating us over the head with wonderfully bright synths and bass kick grooves and bells. It’s actually very dreamy and digitally funky! The atmospheres are great, and I love the movement of the whole thing. 🙂

‘NEO CITY NIGHTS’ is like a flood of neon adrenaline and metropolitan sprawl in a techno delusional whirlwind. Ephemeral and high-speed, arpeggios soar up and down like escalators in a multi-story complex of glass and fiber-optics.

Next is ‘PERFECT SYNTHESIS’, which begins in this really dreamy way, and I love so much the sound of this! It’s like dream pop… melting into big atmospheres and trance-synth bliss, while the barrage of rhythmic elements keeps me wanting to dance. Oh wow, the drum programming is great here, with the tom rolls. It’s amazing!

‘SOULS ALIGNED’ feels like a glitchy lush ambient texture getting rung through a frayed bandpass wire with exposed copper in places.

Then, while you’re lost in the fog of the previous track, ‘ZETA’ hits you suddenly with awesome rhythmic intensity! Beneath, I feel like I hear some really cool flutes in a rainforest, while bright synth blasts and ufo lasers fill the rest of the mix space. I love these sounds! It goes heavy into mechanization; there’s a strange duality between total robotics and total lush organics.

‘((energy))_3’ is 2 minutes of bright and reverberating bell tones, warping and bending slightly. It’s pretty nice!

On ‘MANA SPHERE’, we hear quietly swelling pads, and more wild rhythms, some low-bit chip sounds that float around us. It ends in ambient pad textures.

‘ASCENSION CRYSTAL’ feels super deep and crystalline already, with nice piano accents. Very chill and magical, like rest, or meditation, but hyper-aware.

‘LVL. 99 (FINAL BOSS – ULTIMA)’ starts with some kick grooves and more bright chords! I love those heavy snare sounds that seem to fill the space. There are electro vibes, space invaders glitching out…

… then, ‘POSITIVE FORCE MULTIPLEX’ starts with an echoing voice, then adds magical soundscapes and glitchy rhythms. It’s a strange place full of reflective surfaces, but surrounded by darkness and displaced lights. Those vibrant synth chords return and brighten everything up, and dance around the rhythm.

‘CONTINUE (DON’T GIVE UP)’ is the final track, with a slow-motion downpitched breakbeat groove and subtle, mellow synth undertones. It’s an interesting close to such a manic album!

So, wow, yeah… be sure to get this while it’s still 2016, because we could all end up melting in 2017, so I’ve heard. I’ll give you a link!

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